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About Us

All the members of this team share the practice of water sports, it is our passion. After collaborating with the brand La Santa in several championships and in different ways, our passion led us to open ProCenter, a meeting place for water sport lovers.

We feel 100% “Santeros”, being true to the Canarian brand and feeling proud and honoured torepresent it in our ProCenter.

In ProCenter we would like to offer a 100% professional and 100% surfing service, since this is the spirit of our brand La Santa, 100% Canarian surfing.

We offer a wide range of services: children, beginner courses, advanced courses with the brand’s local riders, with whom you will be able to surf in the best areas of Lanzarote

Albert Zeggers: He moved to Lanzarote when he was very young in order to make his dream come true: surfing. He is currently living in La Santa -Tinajo. Surf School Manager and instructor.

Jose Acaymo Gorrín: Local surfer from Caleta de Famara. He has been surfing his entire life. Manager and official surf instructor by Canarian / Spanish Federation of Surf.