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Surf rentals in Lanzarote

Rental surfboard wetsuit in Famara Lanzarote

Rent your surfboard and wetsuit in Famara – Lanzarote

Would you like not to worry about your board? Would you like to avoid problems at the airport due to a loss or broken equipment?
Would you like to save on carriage and baggage fees?

No problem! We will provide you with a suitable board for your level, either beginner, intermediate or advanced.

We have soft boards for beginners, Epox if your level is intermediate or La Santa fibre made by the best Shapers in the world in our workshop in Soo, where you will be able to surf without any problems using one of the best brands in the world “Santasurboards”.

We also offer different sizes and designs according to your level, offering a wide range of boards. We are 100% focused on surfing, La Santa Surf ProCenter offers never-ending possibilities in the centre, either participating in one of our courses or renting surfboards, offering a totally innovative and different kind of service.

While you’re having a coffee in our Wi-Fi zone, you will have the chance of talking to our experts and choose what is best for you according to your needs.

We are waiting for you, see you in the water! La Santa Surf ProCenter Team.



Rent Surfboard Soft Lanzarote

20€ / 1 Day
45€ / 3 Days
95€ / 7 Days
115€ / 10 Days


Surf rentals in Lanzarote 2

36€ / 2 Hours
45€ / 1 Day
130€ / 3 Days
200€ / 5 Days
250€ / 7 DDays


Rent Surfboard fiber La Santa professional in Lanzarote

25€ / 1 Day
70€ / 3 Days
100€ / 5 Days
130€ / 7 Days
150€ / 10 Days


Rent Wetsuit Neopren Lanzarote

6€ / Day
15€ / 3 Days

Body Board

15€ / Day

Body Board fins

6€ / Day