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Surf Trip in Lanzarote

If you are an intermediate or advanced surfer you come and surf with us!

Discover the Lanzartoe island with La Santa Surf Procenter. Visit the best spots in Lanzarote, will surf with La Santa Surf riders who know very well the best places to surf. Corrections and video recording. Best surf trip or surftrip you can do in Lanzarote with La Santa Surf.

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The Surf Trip or Surfari in Lanzarote of La Santa Surf is aimed at people who have the basics of surf and its level is intermediate to advanced. In this course the surfer can use own surfboard or use any surfboard of La Santa Surf, our best surfboards made ​​by the best shapers..

The instructor will be an official rider of La Santa Surf . Includes necessary for the surf trip.

Total course price: 70EUR

Price per person a day

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